What is the Purpose of this Web Site?
The purpose of the Ask Dr. Len Kravitz Web Site is to provide health and fitness education to exercise enthusiasts, fitness instructors and personal trainers. In this site you will find fitness questions and answers, selected fitness articles by Dr. Len Kravitz, an online health resource library, and some fitness, health and exercise physiology trivia tests.

What Type of Questions Can I Ask?
Please ask specific health, fitness and exercise science questions. Detailed nutrition questions are better addressed by a Registered Dietician.

Will All Questions be Answered?

An attempt will be made to answer all specific health and fitness questions using research-based articles and textbooks. Personal opinions will be avoided. The answers will attempt to summarize the consensus of the current research. In many cases I will provide you with the sources to empower you to research your answers directly.

Will Questions be Answered Personally as Well?
No, the purpose is to disseminate this information to everyone through this Web site.

Can I ask Personal Fitness Questions about My Own Exercise Program?
If there is a research-based answer I will be able to provide some type of answer. However, many times a personal interview with a fitness specialist in your area will be more appropriate.

How Long Before I May Read an Answer?
Since this Web Site is a personal hobby I cannot devote full-time to it. Also, some questions may require varied amounts of research. Therefore, answers will be provided as timely as possible, but will surely take a few days in many cases.

Where Do I Send My Questions?

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