Alcoholics Anonymous
Administration on Aging
Alzheimer’s Association
Alzheimer’s and Dementia Resources
Assisted Living Directory
Assisted Senior Living
International Council on Aging
Keiser Institute on Aging
Sanford Center for Aging, University of Nevada, Reno
Senior Advisor (senior living communities)
Senior Care
Senior Directory from CAREPOINT
Senior Living
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology
Asthma Attack: Understanding an Asthma Attack
Asthma and Allergy foundation of American
Food Allergy Network
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID): Division of NIH
Alternative Medicine
Alternative Medicine WEB Directory
New Age Journal
Children and Family Statistics
American Academy of Pediatrics
Resistance Training for Youth
Consumer Health Information
Berkeley Wellness Letter
Center for Science in The Public Interest: Nutrition Action Health Letter
Cord Blood Banking
CNN Interactive
Department of Health and Human Services
Drug Dangers: Medication Complications
Federal Consumer Information Center
Health Central
Health World
Med Help International
Mayo Clinic
National Council on Health Fraud
Reuters Health eLine
Quack Watch: Guide to Health Fraud
Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter
The American Dental Association
Arthritis Foundation
American College of Rheumatology
Rheumatoid arthritis
American Cancer Society
American Institute for Cancer Research
Comprehensive Cancer Center at Univ. of Michigan
National Cancer Institute
The American Diabetes Assocation
Healthline: Type 2 Diabetes
The National Diabetes Education Program
Heart Disease
American College of Cardiology
American Heart Association
Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association
Natinoal Stroke Association
International Society of Hypertension in Blacks
National Health, Lung and Blood Institute Information Center
Fitness, Exercise Science and Health Resources
Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)
American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD)
American Association Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACPR)
American College of Sports Medicine
American Council on Exercise
American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA)
American Public Health Assocation
American Running Association
American Society of Exercise Physiologists (ASEP)
Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP)
Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine (CASM)
Cooper Institute
Fitness Links from Fitness Connection Online
Fitness and Sports Career Opportunities
Gatorade Sports Science Institute
Health Administrator Graduate (Masters) Programs
IDEA: The Health and Fitness Source
International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS)
National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA)
National Strength and Conditioning Association The Internet’s Fitness Resource
North American Society for Pediatric Exercise Medicine (NASPEM)
Sports Medicine Australia
Strength Training for Kids
Food, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Eating Disorders and Dietary Supplements
American Dietetic Association
Balanced Holistic Weight Managment
Calorie Control Council
Council for Responsible Nutrition
Dietary Supplements: National Institutes of Health Office
Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders: Pritikin Wellness Resources
Eating Disorder Referral and Anorexia Information Center
Eating Disorder Information and Resource Guide
Food Allergies
Food and Drug Administration
Food and Drug Administration (Food and Nutrition Information Center)
FATFREE: The Low-Fat Vegetarian Archive
1-Step Weight Loss Program
International Food Information Council
Nutrition Analysis: Compu-Food Analysis
Nutrition Data: Know What You Eat
Nutrition Resources: Journals, Degrees, Blogs, Inf.
Nutrition Software: Professional Nutrition Software Site
Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutritionist
Supplement Watch
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Health Education and Wellness
Discovery Health
Gatorade Sport Science Institute
Health Government
Healthline: Connect to Better Health
My Optimal Health
Recall Center (i.e., drugs, devices and more)
Wellness Resources
Health & Health Search Engines
Biomedical Search
Health Information from the NIH
Health on the Net Foundation (Ultimate Medical Information Finder)
Kinesiology and Applied Anatomy
Medical Organizations and Resources
Alternative Medicine WEB Directory
American Medical Association
American Red Cross
Biomedical Search
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Department of Health and Human Services
Hospital Information
National Institutes of Health
National Institutes of Health Funding Opportunities
National Library on Medicine: Medline Searches
New England Journal of Medicine
Surgeon General‘s Report on Health and Physical Activity
The Physician and Sportsmedicine Online
U.S. National Library of Medicine
World Health Organization
Mental Health
American Psychological Association
International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression
National Foundation for Depressive Illness
National Institute of Mental Health
Music Therapy
American Music Therapy Association, Inc.
American Pain Society
The American Chronic Pain Association
Pharmacology, Prescription, Over-the-Counter Drugs and Supplements
Drug InfoNet
Drug Information from the National Library of Medicine
Drug News
Drug Watch
RxList (Drug Database)
Supplement Watch
Circadian Technologies
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: Sleep Apnea
Sleep Medicine Home Page
Stanford Sleep Well Site
Special Listings
Aids and HIV
Aim for Healthy Weight: National Lung, Blood and Lung Institute
Assisted Living Facilities
Census Bureau
Center for Science in the Public Interest: Nutrtion Action Letter
Department of Education
Healthy Weight Network
Indian Health Service
Medical Malpractice
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Pepper Spray for Walking/Jogging/Running
Weight Loss and Control Network: Part of NIH
Woman’s Health.Gov
Scientific American
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency